All of EXW Patch Cords Use Bare Copper Wires | Innovative Modular Plugs for Enhanced Connectivity by Excellence Wire

Benefit of Using Bare Copper Wires | IP68 waterproof connectivity solutions for challenging environments

Benefit of Using Bare Copper Wires

All of EXW Patch Cords Use Bare Copper Wires

All of EXW patch cords use pure bare copper wires. EXW patch cords do not use CCA (copper clad aluminum) wires nor do we recommend using patch cords made of CCA wires. In fact, aluminum network cables violate the TIA standard for Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6A, and Cat.8 cables.

We insist on manufacturing reliable ethernet cables with bare copper that pass the Fluke component or channel test. Cat.6A S/FTP 26 AWG Patch Cord passed the component test. Cat.8 S/FTP 22 AWG Solid Cable and Cat.8 S/FTP 26 AWG Stranded Patch Cord passed the channel test.

What Makes Bare Copper Wires Better?

Compared to pure bare copper wires, copper clad aluminum (CCA) wires are cheaper and weigh less. The tensile strength of a CCA wire is weaker than that of a pure copper wire, so CCA wires are more vulnerable, which might cause transmission failure. Some CCA wires claim to have the same conductivity with “slightly” higher resistance. However, there will be data lost in transmission. It is likely to slow down the transmission speed and unlikely to maintain the transmission speed requirements in the long run. As an increasing amount of data is transmitted over a single Internet cable and PoE, these problems eventually emerge and accumulate over time.

We Use Bare Copper Wires in All of Our RJ45 LAN Cables and Patch Cords

Bare copper wires are used in all of our patch cords to guarantee the quality of data transmission. We do not use any CCA, CCS or other materials. There are several reasons that we insist in using bare copper wires and provide the best kind of patch cords to our customers.

4 Benefits of Bare Copper Wires

  • Bare copper wires are more resistant to corrosion. It will give a longer shelf life.
  • It also has a high melting point and high heat resistance, which is beneficial in extreme heat and humid conditions.
  • Most of the electrical appliances use bare copper because it is durable and long-lasting.
  • It can be used in a variety of industries like manufacturing, electrical, marine and telecom companies.
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All of EXW Patch Cords Use Bare Copper Wires | Waterproof Your Connections: IP68 Solutions from Excellence Wire

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