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Over 30 Years All Modular Plugs & Boots | Structured Cabling Products Manufacturer | EXW

Based in Taiwan, Excellence Wire Ind. Co., Ltd., since 1985, is a All Modular Plugs & Boots | structured cabling product (modular plug and patch cord) manufacturer. The structured cabling product includes Cat. 8 / 6A / 6 & 5E keystone jacks, patch panels, modular plugs, patch cords and fiber optic system products.

EU, USA, Japan patented design modular plugs and patch cords meeting ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017, EN, ANSI/TIA-568-D, IEC 61935-2:2010 standards. 100% transmission tested to ensure that Cat8 patch cord follows TIA/EIA 568.2-D Standards. Focusing on innovation, profession, and customer-satisfaction. Over 40 persons in our design team and in-house tooling workshop, we have strong product design ablility and precision mold fabrication capability.

EXW has been providing high-quality structured cabling products, both with 16 years of experience and high technology, EXW ensures each customer's demands are met.

All Modular Plugs & Boots

RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, RJ48 Modular Plugs

RJ45 C6A Connector and plug boot
RJ45 C6A Connector and plug boot

EXW is known for producing high-quality modular plugs, which are certified by many world-renowned organizations that inspect our products and verify its quality. Our modular plugs are compliant with PoE Plus, FCC standard, and the ANSI/TIA-568-D standard. The plugs also meet the requirements of many legislations that restrict the use of detrimental chemical substances such as REACH and RoHS. We own several patents on some of the plugs that have outstanding electrical, mechanical and physical characteristics for easy installation and fast transmission speed. The 3 prong contact blade is one of our patented products, famous for its universal compatibility with both stranded and solid cables.

EXW offers ODM and OEM services. We have 4 different types of RJ45 Ethernet modular plugs: Cat. 5E, Cat. 6, Cat. 6A, and Cat. 8. Each of these plugs can be made in 2 different ways: assembly and molding. Other than the assembly and molding types, the tool free field termination plugs are noted for its easy installation and its excellence of carrying Ethernet efficiently. Striving to provide better services and meet the individual needs of our customers, EXW offers custom-made thickness of gold plating on the RJ45 connectors from 3 micron to 50 micron.

  • RJ45 Cat. 5E Plugs - Cat5E 8P8C UTP STP Snagless Pass Through Connector
    RJ45 Cat. 5E Plugs
    C5E STP UTP Modular Plugs

    EXW provides the best and most economic choice to home network improvements. The Cat 5E modular plugs with the EXW patented 3-prong contact blades (Z blades) is strongly recommended due to the excellent conductivity and the universal compatibility with both stranded and solid cables. The thickness of the gold plating on the contact baldes can be made from 3 micron to 50 micron. All of the modular plugs by EXW follow FCC standard, certified by RoHs and REACH as well. The plugs are also compliant with PoE Plus applications.The launch of our Pass Through Easy Plugs With Load Bar for easier and faster RJ45 installation receives the passionate reaction in the market. Saving up the time to measure and cut the wires before inserting them into each modular plug, our new pass through easy plug is the most cost-saving option because the load bar is designed to replace the use of plug boots, meaning that you could use or not to use the plug boots. With our patented Z blade, our pass through easy plug with load bar is definitely a great product with outstanding features and worth every penny.

  • RJ45 Cat. 6 Plugs - Cat6 STP 8P8C Modular Plug
    RJ45 Cat. 6 Plugs
    C6 STP UTP Modular Plugs

    Mainly used for twisted pair network cable applications and following FCC standard, the EXW Cat 6 male ethernet connectors are compliant with PoE Plus application and certified by REACH and RoHS. We have a wide range of load bars to work with wire insulation from 0.63 mm to 1.2 mm. For easier termination with our modular plugs, EXW recommends the T-568A and T-568B RJ45 pinouts.

  • RJ45 Cat. 6A Plugs - Cat6A 8P8C Connector
    RJ45 Cat. 6A Plugs
    C6A STP Modular Plugs

    Designed to be terminated with Cat 6A and Cat 7 large diameter 22 AWG to 23 AWG solid cables, the Cat 6A 3Y plugs with load bars that have 1.5 mm wire holes are compatible with 1.35 mm to 1.45 mm insulation and cable OD of approximately 8.0 mm. The tool free plugs are suitable for datacenter applications and able to fit with cable OD of 6.0 mm to 8.0 mm. Certified by RoHS and REACH, all EXW plugs are compliant with PoE Plus applications.

  • RJ45 Cat. 8 Plugs - Cat8 8P8C STP Field Termination Plug
    RJ45 Cat. 8 Plugs
    C8 STP Modular Plugs

    Designed to terminate with Cat 8 cable and apply under 30 meter channel test for datacenter applications, the Cat. 8 field termination plugs were launched recently and received an enthusiastic reaction in the market. The EXW Cat 8 STP ethernet connectors meet the requirements of PoE Plus (IEEE 802.3at) and have an outstanding and stable performance. For the easy and fast installation in a high density cabinet, the long snagless clip offers a decent touch when plugged in and out. The screw-fit plug boot is compatible with 22 AWG to 24 AWG cables with outer diameter of 7.0 mm to 8.5 mm. With IP20 rated dust covers, the Cat8 plugs by EXW are the best choice for commercial ethernet and home network. Welcome OEM and ODM to future proof the network with EXW.

  • RJ45 Plug Boots - RJ45 Plug Boot
    RJ45 Plug Boots
    For All RJ45 Plugs

    Compatible with Cat 5E, Cat 6, and Cat 6A modular plugs and ethernet cables, the plug boots come in various colors: black, white, yellow, blue, green, orange, red, purple, and transparent color. Welcome OEM colors!

  • RJ11 RJ12 Telephone Connectors - 6P4C Telephone Plug
    RJ11 RJ12 Telephone Connectors
    RJ11 Connectors

    A telephone plug, called RJ9, RJ11 and RJ12, is a type of connector used to connect a telephone set to the telephone wiring inside a building, establishing a connection to a telephone network. We offer 4P2C to 6P6C telephone plugs and are capable to provide gold plating thickness from gold flash to 50U". EXW telephone plugs follow FCC standard.

  • 110 Connectors - 110 Patch Connector
    110 Connectors
    Cat 5 One to Four Pairs Punch Down 110 Connectors for Field Termination

    EXW 110 Style Connector is a high-performance IDC capable of providing all your voice and data interconnect needs. It has been independently tested to EIA/TIA assure a gas-tight, Category 5E connection.

  • RJ48 10P10C Male Connectors - 10P10C Modular Plug With Key
    RJ48 10P10C Male Connectors
    RJ48 10P10C Unshielded Connectors

    10P10C plug is commonly refered to as an RJ50 connector which is generally used in proprietary data transfer systems.